We nurture new business ideas for a better energy future.

We nurture new business ideas and bring them to life using our knowledge from the energy sector. :agile started in May 2013 to support one of E.ON's many goals: promoting innovation. We first launched internally to stimulate the ideas and expertise of employees within E.ON and to support the launch of their business models.

But in October 2014, we widened our focus to include energy-related ideas from outside E.ON as well. So, entrepreneurs, startups, inventors and students: Have a burning business idea, but don't know where to start?

Tell us about it.

how :agile accelerator works

  • collection


    Gathering internal and external ideas through scouting and marketing

  • accelerator

    3 months

    3-6 projects per quarter will be accepted and given a max. funding of 22k € /project Individual support of coaching, development of business plan, sales and marketing know -how etc

  • demo:day

    4x a year

    Project-presentation to executive level of all E.ON Units Decision to continue or stop the project will be taken.

  • incubation

    Up to 1,5 years

    E.ON Business Unit is involved.

  • rollout

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:agile is a talent driven company

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