7th Demoday

Great pitches and innovative Ideas

24. October 2016 Düsseldorf

It was the 7th Demoday at our E.ON Headquarters in Essen. Again the smell of innovation was in the air and the presentation room was crowded by interested people. Managers from E.ON, external investors or just people who were interested in startups.

The demo:day is always the highlight of the three-month accelerator phase. After the start-ups were supported by mentors, with know-how, seed capital and a broad network of partners, it is now a matter of securing the follow-up funding within the E.ON group or from external investors. All of the 10 start-ups that pitched are highly motivated to win investors but they were also nervous before they pitched. Some of them pitched for the first time in front of such a large audience. Between and after the presentations on demo:day, start-ups and investors mingled in the so called Open Forum and extensively discussed on customers, market potential and financing. Most of the convincing investors to invest happens in subsequent meetings.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the investor talks.

Save the Date: The next :agile demo:day is scheduled for 9th December! It is open to everyone who likes to invest in our start-ups. Please contact Inga if you like to join. Bring a case full of money and see for yourself.

Startup-Sprint Food Neumacher Jury-Meeting

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