:agile accelerator draws new class of startups

dezera, ENLYZE, KUGU, vilisto and WearHealth starts 3-month program

05. April 2019 Düsseldorf

Five new startups have joined :agile accelerator team this week. The startups, all based in Germany, cover five verticals: Industry 4.0, health and security, hyper smart buildings, flexibility and energy billing and efficiency.

The five companies chosen will engage in a 3-month immersive program. They will be eligible for 22.000 Euros funding, mentoring and training as well as access to E.ON network. The handpicked startups will work directly with experts from E.ON and :agile accelerator in order to test their solutions in a real environment and create long term partnerships.

Learn more about the new :agile startups here:

dezera helps to operate decentral cogeneration plants in a smarter way by making them reactive to short term energy prices. dezera's SaaS-solution connects assets, accurately forecasts heat demands and optimizes the operation of all heating devices for a given site. Individual technical restrictions and prices are modeled, which enables an asset based scheduling. The solution helps operators boost their profits by selling electricity at maximum prices and skipping negative prices dips. Within the next months, the company seeks to make E.ON's assets reactive to current spot market prices thus enabling a more "renewable friendly" operation.

dezera | Matthias Kühl

ENLYZE focuses on OEE optimization for manufacturing companies with a special emphasis on performance and quality. To achieve this, ENLYZE offers a full-stack solution, starting with proprietary sensors and data loggers for OPC-UA servers as well as the most frequently used machine controls. ENLYZE further enriches these data sets using high frequency current signals of individual appliances. These current signals provide a direct feedback to the state of the monitored machinery. ENLYZE uses this data to predict production quality for the upcoming minutes and flags anomalies within production parameters that could become relevant to the produced product quality or process performance. The company seeks to evaluate possibilities of bundling their solutions with energy contracts of SMEs to mutually benefit from sales efforts and customer retention.

enlyze | Hennig Wilms

KUGU provides a digital tool box for the real-estate and energy industry. The software and hardware solution enable its customers to in-source submetering - the consumption-based recording and billing of heating and water costs in multi-tenant buildings. The platform digitizes the complete process: from data collection within the buildings to the final bill. This minimizes administrative efforts, reduces failure rate and speeds up the process for incorporating the new business. Using their solution, companies like E.ON can gain access to holistic energy data from each building. This data can be used to offer additional services like central heating optimization or mold/leakage detection.

KUGU | Leopold Kuttner

vilisto saves companies and municipalities up to 40% of heating energy without any effort for the customers by using fully automated radiator thermostats. The digital heat management solution is based on thermostats with an integrated presence detection, learning algorithms and room climate sensors. While the thermostats control the room temperatures fully automated and demand-based, the connected web portal allows for a central and efficient management of the property portfolio. vilisto seeks to pool their expertise with E.ON and bring sustainable energy solutions into non-residential buildings across Europe.

vilisto | Co-Founder Christoph Berger

WearHealth helps industrial companies to improve workers safety, health and productivity by detecting emergencies and hidden risk factors in real-time with AI and IoT/Wearables. Their intelligent technology is based on property machine learning algorithms that analyze data from off-the-shelf devices such as smart watches, smart shirts and cameras and provide real-time insights to better manage critical situations and proactively prevent accidents, incidents and absenteeism at work. With the support of the agile accelerator, the startup seeks to empower E.ON’s Occupational Safety and Health departments to keep their workers returning back home safe and healthy every day.

WearHealth | CEO & Co-Founder Esteban Bayro Kaiser
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