:agile draws German - Israeli Startup Class

6 startups are eager to start their pilots with E.ON

25. September 2019 Essen

Six new startups have joined :agile earlier this month. The startups, coming from Germany and Israel, cover three verticals: energy intelligence and AI, IoT and smart cities.

Six companies chosen will engage in a 3-month immersive program. They will be eligible for 22.000 Euros funding, mentoring and training as well as access to E.ON network. The handpicked startups will work directly with experts from E.ON and :agile accelerator in order to test their solutions in a real environment and create long term partnerships.

Learn more about the new :agile startups here:


The customer service of the future will combine artificial intelligence and human expertise, turning call center agents into data scientists and delivering a seamless customer experience. With the Aaron.ai platform, businesses can start this transformation today by building their AI-powered call center.

Currently, Aaron.ai is saving large corporations like E.ON and BVG tens of thousands of call minutes every month. Hundreds of medical practices in German-speaking countries have already deployed Aaron.ai and this way provided their customers with 24/7 availability and no waiting time.

Tobias Wagenführer, CEO of Aaron.ai


EnergyCortex’s innovative, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution allows corporate and industrial energy consumers to monitor their energy consumption promptly and cost-efficiently. The product can check energy-related costs and energy supplier invoices automatically and use measured consumption data to identify potential savings. Combining detailed data measurements and SaaS capabilities, EnergyCortex serves as a digital support for in-house data managers and helps businesses reduce energy costs

Bastian Baumgart, CEO of EnergyCortex


Enerthing develops scalable and maintenance-free IoT solutions powered by light. The dependence on electrical energy is a major challenge for developers of IoT applications. Enerthing’s flexible photovoltaic films are able to convert artificial (indoor) light into electricity.

By tailoring the device to the application, the energy harvesting solution can extract more power from ambient light than commonly used batteries supply. This gain in power may translate into performance gains, including higher data rates, more measurements, and better data quality. Making labour- and cost-intensive battery replacement and maintenance obsolete, Enerthing’s product facilitates the autonomous and scalable operation of IoT devices like building sensors, asset tags and beacons for indoor navigation.

Christian Haase, Michael Niggemann & Martin Lenze, Management Team of Enerthing


Siraj enables fast, cost-efficient onboarding of Industrial IoT (IIoT) edge devices through AI methods. The solution automatically generates customer-specific gateway software that can support previously unobserved devices and securely connect them to the cloud regardless of their format or protocol.

One of the main challenges for IIoT networks is the lack of standardization. Siraj helps businesses overcome this challenge and tap the potential of real-time device-generated data to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Yussif Alsanah, Co-CEO of Siraj


Timing’s AI-based platform helps to handle the challenges of creating and maintaining an efficient service chain. It optimizes scheduling and route planning, thus enabling service business to deliver more transparent and customer-focused experience and allowing customers to optimize their appointment ratio.

By automating service processes based on actual travel times and the exact duration of each appointment, Timing’s solution changes the way consumers and service companies interact with each other. This way, Timing makes for a 20% increase in operation process efficiency and 80% increase in customer engagement.

Ilan Friedmann & Maayan Darki, Founders of Timing


To work hand in hand with humans, intelligent machines need to learn to communicate like humans. Face-to-face interactions leverage the power of mimics: you look one another into the eyes, smile or keep a straight face, and react naturally.

Tribe gives conversational AI a human face – the most natural interface imaginable. Combining the ability to create precise 3D head models on the spot with the latest facial and emotion recognition, Tribe sparks the human element in the next generation of smart virtual assistants. Tribe technology is already being used in applications ranging from virtual measurements and try-ons in e commerce to security cameras and the next generation of face-to-face customer interactions at scale.

Julian Hoelz, CEO of Tribeapp
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