Our first Launchpad with Google

Why do we do what we do and what makes it important

06. March 2017 Düsseldorf

Gathering 12 startups and over 30 mentors, :agile accelerator and Google Launchpad has kicked off. Settling in a cosy and yet very urban environment at super7000, more than 60 people set one main goal – to make projects successful businesses. And do it in only 5 days.

Still having user experience and interface, technology, marketing and product presentation on the table, the boot camp started with product strategy and development - one of the core areas of businesses of any kind.

“The very main goal of the Launchpad is to analyse, test and validate ideas,” says Inga Land, a head of marketing at :agile accelerator. “We want to build products and services people really need. And that’s why today´s aim was to discover customer´s pain points by interviewing them in order to better understand their journey.”

Buzz and every hour growing excitement have quickly filled the rooms. And later on – the streets. Not only have the mentors helped startups to develop their strategies, but also pushed them to the streets. Real business starts with meeting real customers in a real world.

“You have an inner resistance to go to the streets and talk to potential customers. Something we had to fight today,” says Till Wyszynsky, a CEO of Muvon - one of the participating startups.

A good start is half the battle. If that’s true, we’re definitely on a good way.

Impressions of the Event

Mission Launchpad Accomplished That was E-world 2017

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