Big Data Needs Big Analytics

Human-Maschine Partnership at SentiSquare

29. May 2018 Pilsen, Czech Republic

Can you imagine what amount of text data a company has to deal with? 500.000 emails a year, 40.000 social media posts a month, 2.500 calls a day. Not to forget SMS feedback, online chats and CRM notes. This volume of texts makes it impossible for companies to classify, analyze and interpreter the data. Here comes our Czech startup SentiSquare - an online service for digital marketing managers and internal service for customers' care, who deal with high traffic of data and can’t comprehensively monitor what their consumers are saying about their brands around the globe.

Founded in 2014 at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the UWB, SentiSquare uses deep semantics to discover and summarize opinions hidden in multilingual text. The startup processes the whole set of text communication with customers: from emails, SMS and social networks to call transcriptions, chatbots and other active communication models.

With help of natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence, Sentisquare Software can summarize, classify and prioritize any text, helping customers to process the growing volume of textual data without the need for enormous growth in human or other resources. Putting it simply, SentiSquare is a big data company in the area of text.

Joining :agile accelerator in June 2017, SentiSquare has already achieved a lot. Working together with E.ON Czech, the team has conducted a detailed analysis of customer reactions to some of the largest E.ON campaigns. SentiSquare solution has also enhanced E.ON´s client service centre productivity by increasing email classification accuracy from 50% to 82%.

"The goal of the company over the next two years is to create a complete portfolio of NLP products for key areas of communication - email, SMS, phone call, social media, and get dozens of installations across the target client segments, such as finance, utilities, telco, automotive.", says Stanislav Rejthar, CEO of SentiSquare.

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