Bringing mobility to your doorstep

A chat with Michael Minis, the CEO of MOQO

10. May 2019 Aachen

A new, cloud-based platform, MOQO makes offering shared mobility services possible for anyone.

“It all started in 2010, with a P2P sharing platform tamyca – short for “take my car” – that gathered a community of 150,000 private car sharers in Germany,” explains Michael Minis, the CEO of MOQO. “In 2016 we sold it and invested the entire sum into our new project MOQO – a shared mobility platform. Since 2016 MOQO has been allowing professional providers to make vehicles available to community residents or company employees.”

MOQO mobility platform addresses energy, automotive, and real estate businesses. It offers a plug-and-play solution that allows their partners to become shared mobility suppliers in just four weeks’ time. They get everything they need from one source, including telematics units, sharing software, and customer service.

“We are experiencing a very fundamental shift in this most exciting era since Bertha Benz first took the driver's seat of her motorized vehicle. Mobility is finally changing. The business models are changing, and so are the vehicles people are using,” Michael says.

MOQO clients are car dealerships, car rental and leasing businesses as well as real estate companies and many public utility companies. The company provides all the components they need to set up and operate a car sharing service. More than a software product, MOQO is a service that supports its customers at every step.

The startup is currently taking part at the Urban Move – a joint research project with MOQO, e.GO Mobile AG, Dialego AG, the city of Aachen, and RWTH Aachen University. Together, they’re developing a mobility platform for autonomous on-demand shuttles. Several other pilot projects based on the MOQO platform are already in operation. “For us, Urban Move and other pilot projects is the next step towards our vision: an on-demand car-sharing fleet that is not stationary, but always on the move and readily available,” Michael Minis explains.

With a vision to make vehicle accessible everywhere at any time simply by using a phone, MOQO has big dreams ahead. “Over the past few years, we learned a lot about mobility offerings and customer needs,” Michael Minis says. “Our plan is to continue strengthening our team of mobility and tech specialists and build up our MOQO platform in order to make our vision come true by 2025: to make vehicles available right on your doorstep, anytime, accessible via your smartphone.”

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