Carbon Neutral DEMO:DAY

:agile supports the UN goals for sustainable development

08. May 2019 Essen

In 2015, all 193 United Nations member states adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. They address the global challenges of our time, including human rights, inequality, poverty and climate change.

We at :agile made ourselves a mission to support SDGs by making the entech DEMO:DAY carbon neutral. To do so, :agile accelerator has acquired shares in Gold Standard tested climate protection projects corresponding to the calculated volume of CO2 during the DEMO:DAY – 22 tons. This ensures that :agile compensates for its own CO2 emissions, and thus scales back the rise in global warming.

:agile accelerator certificate

Two climate protection projects have been supported to compensate the CO2 emissions of the DEMO:DAY: two wind farms in Taiwan and solar terminal power plant in India.


Despite the abundant coastal winds along its shoreline, Taiwan remains heavily reliant on fossil fuels, which make up over 75 percent of its total installed electricity capacity. Shifting towards sustainable energy is vital for both Taiwan’s national security, and for its economic and environmental prosperity.

In order to help drive Taiwan’s renewable energy expansion and pave the way for sustainable development, :agile supports Infravest wind power CHANGBIN AND TAICHUNG . This project harnesses the plentiful supply of wind energy along Taiwan’s coast near Taichung in the west and Changbin in the east. The wind farms consist of 62 wind turbines, and generate over 480.000 MWh of clean power each year which is supplied to the local electricity grid. Each year, the project prevents over 320.000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

In addition to contributing to global climate change mitigation, this project is engaged in several nature preservation enterprises such as regular beach clean ups and guided tours that raise awareness about climate change, pollution and other environmental issues. The project has also led to the forestation of 2.400 m2 of land, encouraging local biodiversity.


Godawari Green Energy Limited is implementing a new 50 MW large-scale grid connected solar thermal power project in Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan, India. Project activity comprises of state-of-the-art, environment friendly, solar thermal power generation using parabolic trough technology.

Electricity generated from the project activity will be sent to the Combined Regional grid of India. As a result of commissioning, the gross electricity generation in the project activity is 130,263 MWh/year and the auxiliary electricity consumption in the project activity is 11,397MWh/year. Accordingly this project activity is expected to supply 118,866 MWh net electricity to the grid per year and abates 1,131,600 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions during the crediting period.

The project proponent commits 2% of CERs equivalent towards the welfare of local community leading to sustainable development. Contribution of project activities to the sustainable development include social well-being (employment opportunities and improvement of basic infrastructure), economic well-being (application of solar energy and investment opportunities), environmental well-being (reduced emission intensity) and technological well-being (robust and environmentally-safe technology).

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