Demo:day Vol. 10

11 startups set to unveil innovations that can be the future of energy industry

26. July 2017 Düsseldorf

As renewable energy industry grows at a lightning pace, energy companies thrive for digitalisation and innovation. Out-of-the-box solutions are in an urgent need - and where can you find them better than in the startups scene?

This is where we come into the game. Supporting founders for the last 4 years, on the 6th of July we again presented our latest batch. More than 100 energy enthusiasts flooded the halls of E.ON headquarters in Essen to listen to their pitches and learn what the new buzzword - entech - stands for.

11 startups were selected for the 3 months program which kicked off in March this year. After weeks of working on their solutions with mentors and experts, the startups were ready to take the stage and showcase their work as part of the 10th :agile accelerator Demo Day, this time opened by Karsten Wildberger.

The 10th Demo:day again celebrated diversity and intern-cultural relation. Not only did the startups come from different countries such as Holland, Germany, Denmark and the UK, but also from varieties of areas: from solar and wind industry to farming and IoT solutions.

Both investors and the attendees had a chance to give their vote to the startups their favor. The title of the best pitch this time was handed to Hyko (27% of the votes), leaving Transsolar and Heliac share the silver. The public was also given the chance to hint the board in which startups should E.ON invest. Here the clear winner was TransSolar (40%) that left Helaic (27%) and Refarmed (22%) to share the second place.

The most important question of every demo day is always the same: who's gonna continue? The first decisions are made: Hyko and TransSolar are entering the next - piloting - stage.

The jubilee Demo:day is over and we can already start looking forward to the next one. Until then, enjoy the captured moments in the gallery and learn more about the startups that pitched to you this time:

Aarup Nærvarme. Aarup has developed a cost- and energy effective way of sharing an energy source in a small community outside district heating areas. The shared heating is significantly cheaper to purchase, install, power and service than individual installations.

Cleanenergypack [cep]. cleanenergypack (cep) is a smart, scalable, fast swappable lightweight battery pack. cep is the decisive building block for the energy transition as it unites stationary and mobile storage.

E-Buddy. E-Buddy is a service for communities and other important market partners of a grid operator. It is a map-based app, which shows up-to-date news about events, disruptions or construction sides in the power or gas grid

Heliac. Heliac produces and sells polymer foil based solar concentrators for utility-scale installations. Their focus is Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) for medium-to-large-scale automated installations (for solar thermal and combined heat and power plants). Their solution is as efficient as parabolic solar fields, but at a fraction of the cost.

Hyko [CareToSave]. CareToSave has a mission to create a future where kids and adults are more conscious about energy and more protective of nature. Their first product Hyko is an intuitive and playful connected polar bear lamp with an app ecosystem.

Kraftzwerg. Kraftzwerg is an off-grid energy storage solution that provides energy for festivalgoers, bringing the comfort and convenience of daily life into camping life. Customers are tracked via GPS and a “Kraftzwerg” battery next to their tent, which transmits a State of Charge (SOC) via LoRa Bandwidth.

Novo. Novo’s first product is called Climair. It was born out of witnessing the inefficient use of air conditioning systems and the discomfort of hot weather around the world. Climair solves everyday problems and improve the way we efficiently cool and heat our homes and place of work using air conditioners. With Climair customers can now control their air conditioners from anywhere in the world without any constraints.

POWERJames. POWERJames has developed the most advanced charging controller for e-mobility. It can be easily integrated as a payment module into various applications, such as prepaid-electricity, charging infrastructure, vending machines etc.

Refarmed. Refarmed has developed a low-impact, building-integrated agricultural solution for supermarkets and cold storages.

Spectro Inlets. Spectro Inlets developed a unique sensing solution. Together with E.ON they are testing their solution to optimize biogas production carried out at E.ON facilities.

TranSolar. The aim of TranSolar is to build the link between manufacturers, energy provider E.ON and the end-costumer. By creating new energy networks, TranSolar broadens the customer base of transparent solar technology manufacturers and offers energy solutions to existing E.ON partnerships.

XignSYS. XignSys GmbH offers the next generation of IT-Security, called XignQR, that adopt entrypoints such as QR Codes and users’ smartphone as an authentication device. Allowing users to operate via their smartphone, it grants them an opportunity to login to websites, sign documents, contracts and transactions in the digital and real world.

  • Participants:
    Inga Land,
    Vaiva Seskeviciute,
    Gian-Franco Strauß
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