Do You Feel That Breeze?

:agile startup starts piloting at E.ON Headquarters

02. October 2018 Essen

Mild wind, a gust of fresh air – one can associate the word breeze to many different things. One you might have not heard before: it is a name of a clean-tech startup from Hamburg, on a mission to create real-time air quality monitoring networks for cities and office buildings.

Breeze Technologies provide an environmental intelligence platform that offers comprehensive and accurate air quality data. The startup develops and deploys environmental sensor networks that make sense of different surroundings and tackle the greatest environmental health threat of our times – air pollution.

Breeze Technologies focus on both indoor and outdoor air quality. Since joining :agile accelerator in early 2018, they have already started the first pilot at E.ON Headquarters in Essen.

“Studies found that bad indoor air quality can decrease workspace productivity by more than 50 percent, while increasing the average sickness absence rate by up to 52 percent”, says Robert Heinecke, the CEO of Breeze Technologies. “At E.ON building at Brüsseler Platz, we have installed a high-end sensor that measures the impact of the office environment on employees and enables strategic development to optimize employee’s health and productivity.”

The Breeze Team

Attila Adorjani, B2B Innovation Manager at E.ON confirms: “After doing numerous customer interviews and desk research we realized that the awareness for indoor air quality is increasing. Breeze Technologies entered E.ON’s :agile program so we used the opportunity to test their sensors and their environmental intelligence platform. We installed different sensors in the rooms to see room occupancy and usage, room climate and air quality. Together with Innovation B2B and Corporate Real Estate Management teams, we seek to receive feedback from office occupants and develop new solutions both for our own working spaces and B2B customers based on these learnings.”

Although the pilot is running for one month only, Breeze Technologies are already able to share the first results: “The values for nitric oxides (NOx), ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM) are quite good," explains Robert. "And the room climate – a mixture of temperature and humidity is okay too. Our data shows quite impressively that the office is “breathing”, just like a human. Over the day, different indicators change. For example, the level of particulate matter rises as people move through the building. During the night, the dust settles again; the levels fall.”

Breeze Technologies have already gained local and international recognition for their previous pilots in both urban areas and indoor spaces, including planes, cars, parks and other green places. In 2017 Breeze Technologies have been selected as one of the EU’s most promising startups in addressing air pollution and won the digital innovation award “Gründerpreis Digitale Innovation” from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy later in 2018. It has been recently listed as a key startup in sensing market by MarketsAndMarkets, going alongside industry giants such as Sensortec and Siemens.

Pilot at E.ON Headquarters

The ongoing pilots of Breeze Technologies are a part of a way bigger vision. “We aim to make our cities, buildings and communities more livable through the smart use of environmental data,” Robert explains. “As we are extending the capabilities of our environmental analytics platform, we will enable more companies to make use of the gathered data from our sensors and other data sources. In the future, it will be possible to select your new flat based on hyperlocal air quality information from the relevant districts, for your running app to tell you today’s healthiest route or for cities to control traffic based on real-time air quality, creating a kind of load balancing system for healthy city air. We are very happy that E.ON and the :agile team are working with us on this journey and are looking forward to conducting future projects together.”

Impressions of the pilot in Essen

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