3 startups win E.DIS & :agile Startup Challenge 2019

Outsmart.ai, Novogrid and Oculavis will start pilots in 2020

11. December 2019 Berlin

On a rainy morning on November 28th, 13 startups from Germany, Norway, France, Poland, Ireland and Israel headed to Berlin for the E.DIS and :agile Startup Challenge 2019. After months of careful pre-selection, these 13 companies have proven the :agile scouting team that their business can solve future challenges of the grid. Now it was the time to prove it to the rest of E.ON and E.DIS teams.

The day has started with one-on-one sessions with internal industry experts, where the participating startups had a chance to get the first feedback, ask questions and better understand the challenges that grid business is facing. It was followed by the main part of the event - pitching. All the companies were given 5 minutes time to present their solutions to a carefully selected jury and another 4 minutes to answer their questions. This year the jury was composed of leaders from E.ON and E.DIS.

Competing with around 200 applicants in the pre-selection phase and another 10 companies on the day, Outsmart.ai, Novogrid and Oculavis won the Startup Challenge this year.

The winning startups have been awarded a chance to start a paid pilot with E.DIS in 2020.

Impressions of the Event

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