Energy guzzlers beware

Savings are hiding in your heating pump

23. January 2018 Berlin

There’s a huge energy-saving opportunity lurking in your basement known as a heating pump. It can guzzle energy like no other household appliance. With perto’s ambition to tackle the issue, they fit well with all our other :agile startups who are striving to create a better energy future.

"In 90 percent of households in Germany, there are still inefficient heating pumps installed which increase electricity costs," says Dr. Sebastian Schröer, one of perto’s founders. Along with Frank Krischok, they are on a mission to make exchanging heating pumps as easy and convenient as possible for the consumer and to noticeably reduce CO2 emissions.

Founder Sebastian Schröer presenting their product.

The startup offers a unique service to exchange heating pumps that saves customers a lot of time, energy and money. This is how it works in just three easy steps:

• A customer sends perto a photo of their heating pump with a few details. The company check its efficiency and calculate what the customer could save. Savings could be up to 470 euros or 80 percent of electricity consumption per year.
• If a new high-efficiency pump is worthwhile for the customer, perto quickly arranges for it to be installed by a local skilled tradesperson.
• perto then apply for 30 percent state funding on behalf of the customer, so they don’t have to bother with the paperwork.

One business customer is now enjoying a saving of 520 euros every year on electricity after installing two new heating pumps. Over the 15-year lifecycle of the pump, savings will add up to more than 13,000 euros! And with the 30 percent state funding, the investment pays off in just two and a half years.

It’s not just about the cost savings. If 90 percent of German households had high-efficiency pumps, yearly CO2 emissions would be reduced by a massive 10.4 million - that’s the equivalent of 91 million car trips from Berlin to Paris!

Although perto started with one very focused idea, they have a much bigger and more ambitious vision. They want to make German households fit for a climate-friendly future. Along with our :agile accelerator energy experts, they’re currently exploring how they can take their business model and apply it to other inefficient household energy guzzlers.

Team perto and Johannes Teyssen.

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