Let's take a ride!

Ecofriendly city-mobility at it's best!

15. July 2016 Düsseldorf

What if you can be mobile and ecofriendly with a small boost to make your ride comfrotable?

To try out how it works, E.ON decided to take a ride with some employees and our CEO Dr. Johannes Teyssen. In collaboration with Derby Cycle located in Cloppenburg E.ON is planning a leasing-model for its employees.

Furthermore there is a plan to implement the Startup-Projects from the E.ON :agile accelerator like easycharge.me (to charge the bikes), FahrradJäger (using their anti-theft-system), Digimondo (developing Sensors with LoRA-Technology) and radbonus (an app to increase your health by collecting bonus-points for your healt insurance).

The goal is to increase the livability in cities and relieve the environment.

Kickoff @ Super7000 This was our 3rd Demoday in Essen!

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