#Entech Demo:Day 2017

14 startups have conquered tanzhaus.nrw stage

27. November 2017 Düsseldorf - tanzhaus.nrw

From early morning on, 21st of November was breathing excitement. With every corner occupied with startups building their booths, sharing recent success stories and precisely rehearsing pitch lines, tanzhaus.nrw was getting ready for a grand show – #Entech Demo:Day 2017.

Despite rainy autumn, more than 150 visitors came full of curiosity and intrigue, ready to hear our startups champion a better energy future. Eager to evaluate, support and even invest, they quickly filled the halls with chats and laughter patiently waiting for the stars of the event – startups – to take over the stage.

Coming from 6 different countries, 14 startups were championing a better energy future, innovative solutions and a positive impact for communities worldwide with ideas variying from smart waste management systems to innovative wind turbines.

The Demo:Day had such a great vibe to it. The startups were boosted by the enthusiasm and support they were shown and excited to know that some people were keen to invest in them. After long discussions the verdict has been made - WeMoove and Gridhound have been given an opportunity to be further supported by :agile accelerator.

The Demo:Day was very special not only because of the huge variety of startups, but also because of partners supporting us on the day: our Swedish counterpart :agile accelerator Nordic and kraftwerk city accelerator Bremen – a co-working space, incubator and accelerator that helps startups and new businesses to find their way into the market. One we have learned in the last four years – partnerships, network and a strong community is a treasure every accelerator, startup and corporate should cherish.

Working together is a key. The Lord Mayor of Düsseldorf Thomas Geisel also stressed it in his welcome speech: “We have a lot of very successful large corporates here [in Düsseldorf] and of course they depend on the impact and ideas of startups.” On that note – let’s never stop moving forward. Innovation is our future and startups are its gear.

Impressions of the Event

  • Participants:
    Inga Land,
    Vaiva Seskeviciute,
    Gian-Franco Strauß,
    Maria Freitag
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