5 New Startups to Join :agile in 2018

The Launchpad verdict

22. December 2017 Düsseldorf

From the 5th to the 7th of December 9 Startups flooded the rooms of Impact Hub Ruhr in Essen. Coming from 5 different countries, they have gathered to attend our Launchpad – a pre-acceleration event aiming to select startups for the next :agile accelerator class.

With the help of 30 internal and external mentors, the startups have focused on three core subjects: product development, UX & UI and marketing. Within three days, they have challenged their business models, reinvented marketing strategies and even reached out to customers.

"Launchpad is like an energy drink for your product, UX and marketing, that keeps you going for 3 days," says marketing mentor Ben Sufiani. “It brings together a broad spectrum of professionals to connect with and learn from."

The competition to attend the Launchpad was extremely big. From 95 applications that we took into consideration only 9 startups have received an opportunity to join it and prove that they are ready for the :agile accelerator.

Although all participating startups have showed extraordinary intelligence, ability to develop fast and willingness to learn, hard decisions had to be made. After long discussions, the final verdict has been brought to daylight: 5 startups will continue their journey with :agile.

We are very excited to welcome Dabbel, Hero Balancer, Vidya, CleaNRGI and Perto to join us in January 2018. We are already sure that it will be one hell of a year!

  • Participants:
    Inga Land,
    Vaiva Seskeviciute,
    Gian-Franco Strauß,
    Maria Freitag
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