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A new start-up created under :agile comes to the market today!
03. November 2015 Düsseldorf

DRIVANGO makes refuelling cheaper. How does it work? Our free DRIVANGO app makes it possible to find the cheapest petrol station near you, and save money every time you refuel. By activating the DRIVANGO fuel discount and paying with a DRIVANGO fuel card, users save at least a further 5 cents per litre of fuel. The DRIVANGO fuel card is a fee-free credit card with a MasterCard GOLD function.

Alexander Miras, Managing Director of DRIVANGO GmbH, explains his idea: "It's always annoyed me that fuel prices are increased on a regular basis, and that the difference in price can be up to 20 cents per litre between different petrol stations! DRIVANGO solves this problem, because with the DRIVANGO app, I not only find the cheapest petrol station near me, but I can also get great savings with the DRIVANGO fuel card. The finance for the fuel discount comes from loyalty bonuses for existing customers or new customers of participating B2B partners." Initially, DRIVANGO awards 1,500 fuel points for successful registration. That corresponds to €15. Existing E WIE EINFACH customers, or customers who take out a new contract with E WIE EINFACH, receive 4,000 fuel points to start. Users collect additional fuel points, for example if they make purchases at one of over 1,000 online shops involved. Zalando, Galeria Kaufhof, Otto, Telekom, Tchibo and Expedia are just a few of the great e-commerce names that Alexander Miras has managed to get on board. These shops give back up to 12 percent of the money spent – in fuel points.

DRIVANGO users collect their accumulated fuel points by paying their fuel bill with the DRIVANGO credit card. A basic discount of at least 2.5% becomes at least 5% when the double-discount is activated in the app. Users initially pay the full amount at the petrol station and then receive a credit on their credit card bill that corresponds to the fuel discount.

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:agile at Neumacher Conference Startup Weekend Düsseldorf “Women”

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