Launching to the Stars

9 startups in the last selection phase

04. April 2018 Düsseldorf

Straight after Easter, we jumped back to one of the hardest parts of our job – startups selection process. Hosting our first Launchpad of 2018, we met 9 teams from 4 different countries and worked on their business models for three full days.

To validate, evaluate and test the ideas, a total of 29 mentors joined the pre-acceleration event. 16 of them came from external companies and 13 from different E.ON Units, such as Scouting and Co-Investment, PV and Battery, Market Coordination and many more. Their tasks were not only to support the teams in their business development or marketing strategies, but also find a fit with E.ON business.

The last day of the Launchpad was followed by a final progress pitch that seek not only to pitch the startup idea, but rather the learnings of the Launchpad. Seeing the development and enthusiasm of the stratups left us speechless.

While the results of the Launchpad are on the way, picture are already here. Thank you for launching to the stars with us.

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