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Meet the New Startup Class of :agile accelerator

03. September 2018 Essen

Saying bye to the summer, we greeted autumn together with our new accelerator class. With six startups on board, we are starting a three-month journey full of challenges and achievements. The overall goal is clear – every single startup seeks to convince E.ON that their product or service brings innovation to the company and provides new solutions to E.ON customers. With an ambition to set a pilot at the end of accelerator phase, we are happy to present you the new :agile accelerator batch:

ChargeX developed a modular system to charge several cars at just one charging station. With their multiple-plug they provide a flexible and cheap solution to electrify more than one parking spot. The ability to plug multiple cars into one charging station creates value for both EV owners and infrastructure providers, such as car park operators. The value for users of electric cars is a high availability of charging stations wherever they arrive. For infrastructure providers, the power strip of ChargeX increases the utilization of individual charging stations, therefore reducing the overall costs of providing sufficient charging infrastructure in the future.

SMAP Energy
SMAP Energy originated from research at the University of Cambridge. Using energy data collected via smart meters, they seek to analyse user behavior to derive insights that can make the energy sector more efficient. In collaboration with their academic and industrial partners, they’ve developed novel machine learning and AI techniques and products that take advantage of growing smart meter data reserves. They’ve built these insights into applications on their flagship software product –Smart Meter Analytics Platform.

AMMP is a digital operations solution for portfolios of off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-edge energy assets. AMMP provides an open and secure end-to-end connectivity, flexible data management, and advanced visualizations and alerting. AMMP reduces O&M costs and safeguards off-grid investments. The platform has evolved through years of on-the-ground use in operating complex assets in remote locations. AMMP has been instrumental for proactive issue detection, issue diagnosis and root cause analysis, performance optimization, and remote assistance during on-site interventions.

Founded in 2016, Lancey provide the first electric space heater with an integrated battery. The new generation electric heater both contributes to better integrating renewable energies on the grid and to reduce heating costs in order to make it possible for everybody to take part in the energy transition and make it a reality. With integrated sensors, energy management system on the cloud and automated adoption to customers habits, Lancey can generate energy savings that reach up to 30% of customer´s initial electric heating bill.

ViSenSys developed an image processing software with automated machine learning to analyse human motion. The software can classify actions, count and inspect objects and identify malfunctioning as well as tracking of causal chains. With technology incorporating high precision, flexibility and data protection, ViSenSys is already piloting with DB Regio, thyssenkrupp and Stadtwerke Dortmund. The startups is seekign to adopt their software to solar and wind inspection.

HeatVentors developed a thermal energy storage tank based on phase change material technology called HeatTANK. Currently heat is stored in water buffer tanks, which are big, expensive and not energy efficient, especially when it comes to office, factories and data centres. HeatTANK can store heat in almost 90% smaller size, save 20% to 40% energy and decrease the emission of greenhouse gas to up to 50%.

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