Onboarding with the :agile accelerator program

The new :accelerator-class arrived to our office in Düsseldorf - New people and new ideas!

02. May 2016 Düsseldorf

”The start-up week has been the perfect start for me! Not only did I meet the :agile core team but also my fellow startups. Together we learned some of the basic stuff which should be known by a startup and were able to form our own newbie-network. I felt well prepared for the challenges ahead after that week.“

– (Simone Kunisch, CEO of SOLIFI)

Continuously iterating

the business models is one thing at the top of the agenda of all Project-CEOs. The :agile core team members have also put their heads together and brainstormed how to further develop the accelerator program. The aim is to even better support the startups with the implementation of their ideas. And with the startup-class that will start beginning of April, we’ll make it happen.

Now there are batches

The first change relates to the starting point of the projects. So far there were four startup classes per year but the starting point of each individual startup within the class was however kept variable. That has changed in the new setup.
From April on we do so-called batches. A batch comprises up to 10 startups that will begin the three-month accelerator program at the same time. This can be pictured as a class that goes through good and bad times together.
The next starting dates of the batches are: June 6th and September 5th.

Presence appreciated

For the :agile team it is highly important that all projects will spent two days a week in the co-working space in Düsseldorf. This guarantees a closer exchange for the new startups – among themselves and with the :agile team. Learning from each other and from further paced startups often helps to develop solutions faster and more efficiently, contacts can be exchanged and thinking-barriers can be overcome more easily.

Onboarding Week

The third alteration concerns the first week of the accelerator program. Every new Project-CEO will join the onboarding week. During this week all new Project-CEOS will be introduced to E.ON and :agile and should furthermore use the time to build up their network with the other startups. There are workshops planned on methods and tools - covering topics such as prototyping, lean methods, and minimum viable product or customer interviews. In addition the agenda foresees first pitching and mentoring sessions as well as networking events "outside" in the startup ecosystem. The next onboarding week will take place from June 6th – 9th 2016.
We would look forward to you joining us! Pitch your idea now!

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