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Making energy simple for SMEs

29. March 2018 Gorinchem

As the previous Managing Director of E.ON :agile, helping startups to create a better energy future was what Patrick Nanninga got excited about. Now Patrick is excited about taking his own energy startup, Revoltt, to the next level with the help of E.ON :agile.
Every great idea starts with a problem that you’re trying to solve. With so much energy insight at his fingertips, there was one problem facing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that consistently jumped out at Patrick.

The energy problem facing SMEs

SMEs are typically time poor, under-resourced and focused on making money, not saving it. The last thing on their mind is managing their energy consumption or their environmental impact. 75% of SMEs do not invest in technology to help them manage their energy. With an estimated €4.2 billion to be saved by European SMEs, it’s a massive missed opportunity. Patrick knew he could develop a service to help SMEs manage their energy needs better. He just needed the right formula to match the right SME to the right energy provider.

After getting some advice from a mathematician, Patrick realised that it’s all down to sampling. ‘If you’re in your 20s and you want to be married by the time you’re in your 30s, you date lots of people and you reject everyone until you feel you’ve sufficiently sampled what’s out there. Then when the next one comes along, if they’re better than all the others, that’s the one! It’s no different in the energy world.’

This is where Ross comes in – Revoltt’s Artificial Intelligence energy advisor.

Introducing Ross

Ross continually scans the energy playing field and filters all possible options based on the specific situation of each SME. Ross is in effect ‘sampling’ what’s out there on behalf of SMEs. By being presented with the best options, SMEs quickly save up to 20% on their energy costs.

Ross is already an expert in the energy industry and through machine-based learning he becomes an expert in each SMEs energy situation. As his SME knowledge develops, he can present better options.

In contrast to the minimal involvement experience that’s typical of most energy providers, Patrick is keen to make sure that it feels like a personal relationship is being developed between Ross and his SME customers. That’s why he chose WhatsApp as the conversation technology, with the added bonus of nothing new needing to be installed.

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