POWERJames Secures a Second Seed Investment

Our E-Mobility Startup is Catching Up the Speed

27. June 2018 Mannheim

E-mobility plays a significant role in global energy transition. In Germany alone, 1 million electric vehicles are planned to hit the roads by 2020, according to National Electromobility Development Plan. Although drive electrification represents the key to a sustainable mobility future, both operator and customers are facing a number of challenges, with limited availability and usability of charging infrastructure being at the core.

POWERJames is here to solve that. No, it is not a super hero, but our e-mobility startup from Mannheim. Found in 2016, POWERJames provides a solution enabling easy processing and billing of power with the help of a small hardware chip and a smart phone.

Heroic name stands for the unique service POWERJames team has developed. “Using our solution operators do not have to provide internet connectivity for the billing,” explains Norman Ueberrhein, CEO of POWERJames. “What is more, we offer the lowest entry hurdle for new users: no RFID card, no keys, no membership. The only thing they need is our app.”

As POWERJames solution does not require Internet connection, the system also works in basements, underground garages and poorly served areas. This allows electricity customers to purchase electricity flexibly and avoid debts. Equipped with this technology, the startup also offers a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles for simple and secure billing with low operating costs.

Since joining :agile accelerator two years ago, POWERJames has been working in collaboration with and E.ON Metering and E.ON Energie Deutschland. In addition to e-mobility, the latter found a new business case for the startup - a modern pre-paid solution for energy sales, which allows customers to purchase electricity flexibly. Since then the startup has also explored other use cases and found out that their technology can also be used in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles - especially in underground parking areas.

POWERJames had recently raised a second seed funding from an investor active in the automotive sector. Simultaneous to this new funding, E.ON has exercised its right to convert its convertible loan into an equity stake in the company - the first ever in the history of the :agile accelerator.

Currently in the piloting phase, the startup dreams about revolutionizing charging infrastructure in Germany and abroad. Only one is left to say: although POWERJames is not that kind of super hero flying in the sky, it is the one fighting for CO2-free future on the ground.

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