Exciting products and services presented at second :agile demo:day

In February, we launched our first demo:day. Now four months later it's time for the second event.

09. June 2015 Düsseldorf

Among the ideas presented were a smart boiler, an IoT network, and an electronic stove. The pitches made by Astra Innovations and Citywind, however, were best received.

Astra Innovations (www.astra-innovations.com) relocates large gently-used physical assets including power plants to new locations with a low electricity supply. ASTRA offers expert support for the brokerage, turnkey asset transfer, spare parts sourcing, fuel sourcing, and operations support of the power plant to deliver the maximum value to the investors.

Whereas Georg Ehle from Citywind offers view-protected rooftop wind turbines with three massive advantages: amazingly quiet, no vibrations, and visually unobtrusive.

The pitches were followed by extensive discussions held between the project teams and the executives on customer and market potential as well as financing.

The next :agile demo:day is scheduled for September 18. And it will be open to everyone who likes to invest in our projects. If you want to join please contact Inga. Bring a case full of money and see for yourself!

:agile accelerator goes EUREF Startup Weekend Düsseldorf

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