Shaping the Future of the Energy Industry at #Entech Demo:Day

"90 percent of innovation is still ahead of us"

25. May 2018 Düsseldorf

The first :agile accelerator Demo:Day of 2018 brought together startup founders from 4 countries to pitch their business ideas and connect with investors and potential business partners. It showcased the achievements of 5 startups of :agile accelerator and 6 startups of our Swedish counterpart :agile accelerator Nordic. The German class included DABBEL, CleaNRGi, Perto, Hero Balancer and Vidija – startups that have just finished their three-month accelerator class.

An audience of over 100 industry leaders, venture capitalists, senior executives and corporate partners came to the event, and heard from the 11 teams, whose propositions are helping shape the future of energy industry.

Philipp Ulbrich, Managing Director of :agile accelerator said: “Energy is facing tremendous changes. We come from the industry that has been very protected and very well structured in single value creating steps, i.e. energy production, grids and delivery of power and gas. Now we are facing a lot of competition and we can’t even say where all our competitors are – there are so many of them with the value chain broken down into pieces. Thus we rely much on being able to reinvent ourselves constantly in order to serve best our customer needs. This is why it is so important to have events like Demo:Day, to bring the ideas and spirit of the startups that live that constant change to the industry. 90 percent of innovation is still ahead of us.”

Among the audience, there was a number of internal and external mentors, who came to see how the startups they were supporting the last three months have grown and developed. Peter Hornik, Managing Director of Digihub Dusseldorf and a coach of :agile startups, couldn’t hide his excitement. “What I saw today was quite amazing. I´ve been a mentor of Dabbel the last months and his performance today makes me proud.”

Proud is a good word to end up the story of the last Demo:Day. We are proud to see the pitches and the confidence of the presenters. We are proud of creating an environment, where the startups hold each other’s back, support and cheer one another. And most importantly we are proud of everything our startups have achieved.

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