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15. September 2017 Berlin

After 6 months of preparation, the 5th Startup Night has been brought to daylight. 3000 visitors, 500 startups, 5 different events – and behind all of this 6 corporations seeking to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Combining powers Deutsche Bank, IBB, Deutsche Telekom, E.ON, Berlin Partner and Volkswagen have created the buzz in Berlin on the 8th of September. Starting with two pre-events a day before already, they have shaken the local and international startup scene.

Marking its first half jubilee, Startup Night not only followed the known path, but also introduced some new formats, with Brave New World – a conference for high school students – being one of the pearls.

“Brave New World is created for pupils and seeks to show educational and professional paths of the future. It is the first time we are doing this initiative with support of schools in Berlin and our corporate partners”, says one of the Startup Night organisers Stefanie Schramm. “We, big corporates and digital companies, need young talents. We want to show them that career paths do not only include professions like office clerk, but also the newly raised ones such as Instagram influencer, growth hacker or product owner.”

In addition to the workshop for pupils, Startup Night again presented the conference. Inviting more than 60 speakers to the stage, it provided four tracks: inspiration, money, connect and technology.

As always, the culmination of the event started in the late afternoon. A number of corporates and more than 200 startups spread between 4 locations, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom and Volkswagen. Buzzing as always Startup Night provided them all with something that very company seeks – a network.

“We’ve established some good connections with potential customers as well as business angels and VCs,” says Markus Hertlein, the founder of our startup XignSys. “The meeting with the Deutsche Bank Lab, with which :agile accelerator team linked us, was especially useful. We had a very insightful conversation, even though we initially thought that DB is a potential competitor.”

Organising Startup Night for the second time, we again hear the same question: what does Startupnight bring you? Smiling we always give the same answer: it gives us an opportunity to broaden our network, make news partnerships and most importantly - help our startups reach their hardest goals.

Impressions of the Event: Pressconference, Brave New World - Conference, Startupnight Exhibition

  • Participants:
    Inga Land,
    Vaiva Seskeviciute,
    Gian-Franco Strauß
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