Startupnight 2019

"We will not solve climate change without new technologies and innovation"

12. September 2019 Berlin

The power today is in collaboration. Collaboration between corporates, startups and investors, between policy makers and citizens. Collaboration emerges in different forms and shapes. One of them is the Startupnight.

Organised by the Deutsche Telekom, VW Group, IBB, Berlin Partner and E.ON, the Startupnight has one mission – to bring corporates and startups together. For the 7th time, it did. Over 4500 attendees and 270 startups joined us in Berlin last Friday, making the Startupnight, a festival of collaboration, happen.

This year, the Startupnight was opened by Johannes Teyssen, the CEO of E.ON. While talking about E.ON´s expectations towards startups he said: “When I was asked earlier what we are looking for, I said: nothing too big. We just need to save the world and cope with energy transformation and climate change – two minor things to tackle. We cannot do it without new technologies and innovation.”

Dr. Johannes Teyssen, CEO of E.ON, at the opening of the the DSGV Location

To tackle these challenges, :agile has been working with the best energy and cleantech startups since 2013, with a goal to set pilots with E.ON businesses units: from smart cities and e-mobility to cyber security and the grid.

“It is not new for us to collaborate with startups” explaned Dr. Alexander Montebaur, the CEO of e.dis, at his keynote speech. “In the last years we have a wide range of collaboration examples. We are successfully working with startups that provide us a better interface with customer, that help us optimize IoT devices and even those that are building mini wind turbines for our customers´ own consumption.”

Dr. Alexander Montebaur, CEO of E.DIS, talks to startups at the Startupnight

During the Startupnight, E.ON did not only present existing innovation activities, but also looked for new solutions. We asked startups to take part at E.ON Corporate Challenges on Intelligent Automation and Intelligent Buildings and together with E.ON experts found two extraordinary companies - REOS and - that could bring value to the E.ON business and customers.

The Startupnight this year took place in five locations, where besides startup exhibition, attendees had a chance to learn about newest technologies from variety of speakers, including Nancy Nemes from Ms. AI, Thomas Labryga from Innogy Ventures, Florian Stegel from Deutsche Telekom hub:raum Fund and many more.

More than ever, the Startupnight this year showed eager for innovation, collaboration and partnerships. It showed the strength in unity and mutual pursuit for innovation - from the high level decision makers to every single attendee.

:agile draws German - Israeli Startup Class E.ON :agile signs a cooperation agreement with IBM Alpha Zone

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