5 startups named to :agile accelerator

Meet FlexiDAO, Quant Co., othermo, MOQO and Preisenergie

17. January 2019 Düsseldorf

22.000 Euros seed capital, training, mentoring and access to E.ON network: these are just a few of the perks that await the startups in the first batch of the :agile accelerator in 2019, which kicks off this month.

Five startups from three countries were selected from over 200 applicants by startup experts and industry leaders. They all have successfully completed an extensive screening process, interviews and the Launchpad - an intensive three-day bootcamp, filled with challenging one-on-one sessions with internal E.ON and external mentors. Among others, startups have been evaluated on criteria such as business model, team, scalability and fit to E.ON businesses.

Selection process is over and the part at accelerator is secure – now the real work begins. Meet the first five startups that will be working with :agile this year.

FlexiDAO helps energy retailers enhance their green energy offerings by providing real-time traceability and certification of origin for renewable energy. Corporate demand for customized, transparent green energy contracts is on the rise as organizations wish to fulfill their CSR commitments. Retailers cannot meet these requirements as certification mechanisms are still too limited. Based on blockchains as real-time digital notaries, the software labels the provenance of the electricity and automatically matches it to customers’ consumption. FlexiDAO allows consumers to select and track how, when and where their electricity is produced. It supports companies like E.ON with meeting their CRS targets and offers residential customers offers residential consumers the choice to get time certified.

FlexiDAO/ Joan Collell

MOQO provides a cloud-based mobility platform that enables energy utilities to offer shared mobility services to their B2B and B2C customers. All required components are delivered by MOQO so that energy utilities are ready to launch the new business within 4 weeks and operate with high efficiency and profitability. The open platform enables car, bike and scooter sharing in real estate projects (HOME) as well as corporate settings and industrial areas (WORK). Extending the role as infrastructure provider, MOQO allows utilities to offer value-added e-mobility services.

MOQO/ Michael Minis

othermo offers a manufacturer-independent solution for monitoring and analysing the operations of medium- to large-scale heating plants. Through a web-based platform, the client can identify problems and inefficiencies as well as optimize his maintenance schedule. The company’s forward-looking optimization maximizes the profitability of the plant. Based on historic consumption patterns, othermo forecasts local demand for heat and electricity in order to determine the most profitable way to operate the system. The dispatch scheduling is fully automated and also takes into account local heat and electricity consumption as well as generation from fluctuating renewable resources.

othermo / Dennis Metz

Preisenergie develops dynamic pricing software for the energy sector that helps increase loads on renewable generation and the distribution system and boosts utilities’ profits. The SaaS application for utilities analyses customer behaviour and calculates prices while integrating data about loads and system constraints. The technology is a combination of AI, financial modelling and optimisation. By eliminating cross-subsidisation and skimming willingness-to-pay, Preisenergie’s prizing solution typically doubles the customer lifetime value of new customers.

Preisenergie / Siegfried Numberger

Quant Co. frees AI from its ivory tower and makes it accessible to all players in the energy and clean-tech industries. Using AI as a service, the startup enables utilities and energy service companies to provide seamless smart-home energy management services to their household customers. Quant Co.’s service is designed for behind-the-meter residential energy management covering decentralized energy technologies such as rooftop solar, battery and various IoT devices. One of Hello Tomorrow's "World's Top 500 Deep-tech Startups in 2019", Quant Co. seeks to collaborate with E.ON in smart home solutions area.

Quant Co. / Ihsancan Ozpoyraz
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