Taking control of your own home

A success story of Novo Innovations

30. April 2018 Manchester

Born during long winter discussions about smart home in 2015, Novo Innovations is now one of the leading startups in smart home market in Europe. Being established in 2016 within :agile accelerator, Novo presented it’s first product Climair later that year and worked on their vision to transform the way people interact with buildings ever since.

Novo are a provider of devices and services in the Internet of Things arena. It combines hardware, the cloud and data analytics to optimise the spaces we live and work in by making them more comfortable, healthier and energy efficient. The startup provides their customers with services that allow them to monitor, control and manage devices via Novo mobile app Novo Go. It is achieved through the latest IoT technologies and standards, ensuring the services are reliable and secure.

Novo has already rolled out two smart home products: Climair and Smart Radiator Valves. Novo's first product, Climair, controls a household Air Conditioning or Heat pump product, while Smart Radiator Valve manages a hot water radiator thus letting customers to control temperature in every room individually. In the centre of Novo Ecosystem is the SuperHub, a device that provides the communication link between the Novo Cloud and up to 64 IoT devices. It supports three communication channels: Wi-Fi, Thread Mesh and Bluetooth and is comparable with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Home Kit.

Founded by former E.ON employees, Novo seems to be reaching one record after the other. With their latest product, Smart Radiator Valve, they entered Kickstarter Campaign aiming to collect £25.000. Just a few months later they collected over £200.000 pounds. No typo here - the goal was exceeded by 800%!

We ask ourselves, what is their secret? “It’s simple,” says Piotr Zarobkiewicz, the co-founder of Novo Innovations. “Our products save up to 30% of energy bills on average and are optimised by customers’ habits.”

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