Teaching Kids to Use Energy Efficiently

A story of Hyko, the polar bear

18. December 2017 Amsterdam

Once upon a time in an Arctic land far far away, there lived a polar bear called Hyko. There, long months of polar nights were coming to their end. It has been dark for half a year, with the starlight and moonlight letting things appear mystical and magical. Strangest of all, lots of ice in the sea was melting.

It was getting harder for the mum bear to find food for Hyko and his sister. Although she was a great swimmer, she had to swim far-off ice platforms in search of food, which was exhausting and dangerous. Hyko couldn’t see this anymore and decided to help. He climbed up his favorite mountain to think, gazing at the bright pattern of stars known as The Great Bear.

The legend says that The Great Bear looks down fondly on the land and protects it. At this moment, he didn’t just look down. The Great Bear came to life and whispered to Hyko: “Go where the humans live, find out what makes the ice melt and do all you can to stop it.” From the Arctic land, Hyko started his journey to the world of humans. He decided to live with kids to teach them about melting ice and climate change.

Engaging toddlers in a story of Arctic land, our startup Hyko teaches them what energy is and how it should to be used. Hyko, which means ‘ice’ in the Inuit language, is a smart polar bear lamp connected to an app that raises awareness about climate change and helps parents to teach kids good habits of smart energy use. Designed for kids between 0 and 10 years old, it explains difficult issues in a fun and understandable way via stories in the app, games and challenges.

“It is quite difficult to explain kids why they should turn off the lights or the TV when leaving the room,” says Andriy Shmyhelskyy, the founder of Hyko. “Energy is difficult to understand, not only for kids but also for adults. Did you know that by the age of 10 only 20-30% of kids actually have the habit of turning off the lights? This is our mission at Hyko: to develop a conscious and sustainable mindset at a young age through playful experiences.”

In addition to its educational and playful features, Hyko makes the product ideal as a light for the nursery room, kids’ night light for sleeping or safe passage during the night or as a reading light. Optimized night colors promote natural sleep hormones during the night and provide a great aid for training sleeping rituals.

“We see Hyko as our obligation to design a product that is educational, loved, and will grow with the child and stay with your family for years. What is more, with an upcoming smart meter roll-out in Germany Hyko app will connect to the smart meter, making energy visible. With real time colour feedback on Hyko and app, Hyko changes colours based on your electricity consumption. Which makes it simple and fun for the kids to get involved further and save energy in your home,” Andriy explains.

Hyko the polar bear continues his trip around the world and has already found his place in hundreds of homes. Following the mission given by the The Great Bear, Hyko fights against the big ice melting and helps to rise a new generation. Intelligent, caring and energy conscious.

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