That was E-world 2017

On the spot with our startups pixolus and JuiceBox

21. February 2017 Essen

From the 7th to the 9th of February a trade fair „E-world energy & water 2017“ showcased solutions for the future of energy sector. Covering a variety of energy branches, it hosted 710 exhibitors from 30 nations, again beating the record of the previous year.

The number of visitors raised the bar for the next year too: E-World 2017 attracted around 25,000 attendees from more than 70 countries. No wonder why - pioneer ideas were the driving force of the event. On numerous booths, visitors were able to discover energy related solutions of any kind presented by both energy sector giants and industry newbies.

Increasing number of participants highlighted the importance of changes in the energy sector. The spotlight this year was given to digital solutions and energy transition: from energy generation and efficiency to e-mobility.

The fair was an important place for young companies to establish contacts in the sector. Over 60 young companies and startups presented their products in the joint “E-World Innovation” area, including two brand new projects of our own. This year :agile was proudly represented by pixolus and JuiceBox: two recent editions to our team.

“E-world was very useful for us”, says Andreas Schoser, a representative from pixoulus – a startup seeking to revolutionize the way metering data is collected. “The start-up area in which our booth was located was buzzing the whole week. We were able to make new contacts and further engage with existing partners thus making the future plans more concrete.”

Giving a real taste of energy industry, E-World is especially valued by companies still making their very first steps.

“For a project like ours, visits of high level managers and energy experts are especially important. Not only because of the contacts themselves, but also because of the input they give us in order to understand better what requirements we have to meet in order to be a part of the energy industry”, Andreas Schoser adds.

f.l.t.r.: Steffen Dubois [JuiceBox], Dr. Stefan Krausz, [pixolus], Andreas Schoser [pixolus], Dr. Alexander Schlüter [JuiceBox]

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