The 9th Demo:day

Every pitching has its own magic

10. April 2017 Düsseldorf

Hours of preparation, looking through the notes until the very last minute and a smile of relief while stepping off the stage – something familiar to every startup pitching at a demo:day. Some things don’t change and yet, this demo:day has been truly special. Both because of the very different projects pitching on the stage and a unique opportunity given to the audience to vote for their favourite startup.

The 9th demo:day showed what a word “international” really means. It gathered internal and external startups from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Czech Republic thus widening the horizon of innovation and promoting intercultural exchange. 13 startups in total pitched their ideas to receive an investment that will lead them to the next – piloting – stage.

More than 120 people have attended the pitches at E.ON headquarters in Essen. Attendance was not the only goal – for the first time ever, the audience had a chance to vote for their favorite projects. Two categories were introduced: “the best pitch” and “the best match for E.ON investment”.

Pitches are over and the results are on the way. For now, let’s keep our fingers crossed for the startups and enjoy the captured moments of the event.

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