Welcome to the f:amily

A new accelerator class joined the agile-family. New faces & new ideas. This ist the onboarding week!

09. September 2016 Düsseldorf

A typical day in our office in Düsseldorf: :agile core team arrives one by one. Magdalene and Carsten are always the first to be there – early in the morning. Inga and Patrick are always the latest because they come by car and enjoy crowded roads from Holland and Essen.

But wait – something is different today. It's onboarding-week. That means it is really early. The smell of coffee is already in the air at 8h30. The Business Model Canvas Posters are already attached to the glass-walls in our conference-room. We are all excited to welcome the new accelerator class. New startups also mean new and brilliant ideas. Yipee yippee yeah!

What makes the on-boarding week so special? We want our new-joiners to feel welcome and “wanted”. But they should also get the best preparation to be able to develop their business model to the top during the 3 months acceleration. We show them how :agile works and open the door to E.ON at Brüsseler Platz in Essen.

Every start-up will get a buddy. That means two member of our core team are responsible for one project. This buddy-system allows us to communicate in a simple way and find quick and proper solutions for our Project-CEOs.

The onboarding week takes 4 days (from mo-thu) and is fully packed with trainings and workshops. We cooperate with external trainers and mentors for business-development, service-design, pitching, scrum-methods and work play experience like Contio, Mak3it, sipgate etc. Onboarding is great fun but also tons of work for the startups. The fun parts are lunch pizza-party with the more mature :agile startups or trips to the Düsseldorf start-up scene like Startplatz-Düsseldorf or Startup-Dorf.

Feedback from the startups shows that getting to know each other is essential. A strong community will catch you when you fall and catapult you to the sky when you already rise.

Stay tuned on our facebook page and intragram-account! The next onboarding week will take place in January 2017.

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