• #Entech Demo:Day

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  • Date:
    21 November 2017

:agile accelerator is on a mission. We want to support our energy innovators of the future, quickly bringing their ideas to life for the benefit of communities worldwide.

Over the past few months, we’ve been nurturing the very best energy ideas through our :agile accelerator program. Now it’s time to showcase them at our brand new Entech Demo Day on November 21st.

What’s new? Well, almost everything! For the very first time you’re invited to our home city of Düsseldorf – a magical location well worth a visit.

You’ll get to enjoy three different experiences. CEO Juergen Resch of startup Wmoove will open the day to explain how their new product can generate energy from waste followed by the core of every demo day – pitches.

Showing what our startups learned in the last 3 months, 14 startups from Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic and Hungary will present their business models. Don’t worry if some of your questions didn’t get answered, our startups will be available at their booths all day for you to chat to some more.

Networking matters, so the day will close with our Open Night with well-deserved drinks and food. The space is limited, so don’t forget to register beforehand.

Join us in creating our energy future and get your ticket


14:30 Registration

15:00 Welcome by :agile accelerator, Thorsten Marquardt

15:15 Welcome by the Lord Mayor of Düsseldorf, Thomas Geisel

15:30 WeMoove Product Launch, Jürgen Resch

15:45 Pitches I

16:30 Break

17:15 Inspirational Talk, Freerk Bisschop from rockstart

17:40 Pitches II

18:30 Networking, Food and Drinks

These startups will pitch:


Cantiero improves the efficiency and innovative capacity of craftsmen‘s small businesses optimizing their day-to-day workflows with an unique and holistic processing engine. It integrates all necessary administrative tasks, technology driven solutions based on artificial intelligence and provides all the support that craftsmen need.


evoblade offers aerodynamic optimization of existing wind power plants by retrofitting the blades with their product “EvoFlap”. Using a patented technology, it helps to achieve a significant increase in the efficiency of wind turbines.

Flow Loop

Flow Loop is a plug&play shower panel that can circulate shower water directly from the existing shower floor. It reduces household water and heating bills by 25% while improving water flow and providing comfort.

Green Advice

Green Advice offers a map based solution with tools that drive green decisions for a sustainable urban future. It helps to prevent flooding, increase biodiversity, save energy and improve quality of life.


GRIDHOUND enables affordable real-time grid awareness to avoid failures and optimize grid operation for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to accelerate the energy revolution. They offer a machine-learning based state-estimation for medium and low voltage grids as a SaaS solution.


Hemsiten is a cloud based digital assistant for home owners that helps them to get organized and make better decisions. By automating and digitizing manual and analog tasks, it allows home owners to save time and money.


Kite-X develops an airborne wind turbine that uses drone technology to dramatically reduce the material needed to harvest the same amount of energy.


Meshcrafts is a tech company from Norway developing software for e-mobility with a focus on Smart City, Smart Grid and Smart Transportation solutions. They provide a SaaS-platform called SmartCharge that
is an open marketplace for charging of electric vehicles.

Neuron Soundware

Neuron sound ware technology enhances predictive maintenance by early detection of issues in machinery using sound, AI and IoT devices.


Platio is an unconventional modular paving system, primarily focused on outdoor energy production. The paving units are made of recycled plastic and their surface is equipped with high-performance solar cells.


SentiSquare create machines that understand your customer’s language which drives automation, such as e-mail dispatcher. This means increased revenues, lower churn, efficient employees and satisfied clients. SentiSquare is a university spin-off built on more than 20 years of AI, NLP and machine learning research.


UniSol is a platform that gives everyone the possibility to speed up the shift to 100% renewable energy. It allows investment in projects that were previously only accessible to big investors.


VirtX reduces administration of and traveling to off-site meetings and inspections through live 360⁰ streaming and intelligent video documentation. The platform automatically generates video-based meeting minutes and enables automated transparency.


wemoove developed and patented a smart waste container which recognizes users, waste types and weights. A smart ev-charging station is attached to the container which allows ev-charging without grid connection. The energy used comes directly from the inserted waste.

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