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Seeking to help you find the best solution for your idea, we offer a 3 months acceleration program that starts 3 to 4 times a year. It is a program of intense training and mentoring that helps you to push your business forward, extend your network and most importantly find investors.

After receiving all applications, we invite 15 most promising startups to our Launchpad week. Launchpad is an intense boot camp supported by Google that gives an opportunity to work with great professionals, get a valuable feedback and of course show us what you’ve got.

Once the Launchpad is over we decide internally, which startups will be offered an opportunity to participate in our accelerator program. All selected startups receive 22.000€, office space in Düsseldorf or Berlin, access to E.ON's network in Europe and a top notch support and training from internal E.ON energy experts as well as external partners. Important: we do not ask for equity or shares in your company.

Now the best thing: once you join :agile you will be a part of our community and benefit from our network which will support you along your way to success. Don't miss the chance to join the family now.

  • 22k€ per start-up
  • Co-Working space in Düsseldorf or Berlin
  • 1:1 mentoring from E.ON experts
  • Training with external partners
  • Access to E.ON network
  • Alumni network

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We look for:

Ideally you are an early stage startup with breakthrough ideas, intelligent technologies or innovative business models that have a relation to the energy business. Topics like smart grid technologies, renewables, e-mobility, battery solutions, IoT, smart homes or cities is exactly what we ae looking for. We are especially interested either in European start-ups or international start-ups seeking to hit the European market.

Good idea is half work only, a strong team is what really makes a startup successful. We expect high motivation, dedication and 100% committment. Not a secret - running a start-up is a hard work so better balance it on at least four shoulders.

  • Early stage
  • Energy-related
  • 100% commitment
  • Team of 2 people or more
  • Willingness to spend at least 2 days per week in Düsseldorf
  • Based in Europe or planning to tackle the European market

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