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6 good reasons to join :agile accelerator

Long-term partnership

:agile accelerator wants to be the first step of your successful journey. After the accelerator phase, you will get the chance to move on to the 12 - 18-months incubation phase supported by the unit that matches your project. Together with E.ON business unites you can set up your pilot to test and validate with real customers under real conditions. Even if your startup can’t continue within E.ON, you will become part of our alumni network and we’ll support your search for external investors.

E.ON Network

As :agile accelerator startup, you’ll network extensively with internal and external E.ON partners. You’ll meet important contacts in the industry and associations and be able to present your idea to potential supporters and investors both within E.ON and beyond. As your idea grows and develops, so will your network.


Luke had Yoda, the Karate Kid had Mr. Miyagi, Jim Button had Luke the engine driver – there wouldn’t be heroes without mentors. Our :agile buddies are experienced experts in their fields willing to share their knowledge, answer your questions, provide valuable feedback and get passionate about your project.


No matter how great your idea, your startup’s success depends on your fluency in a wide range of subjects: market research, UX / UI, client communications, sourcing, growth marketing and distribution, business plans, agile project management, design thinking. We’ll bring you up to speed.

Funding and office space

Each startup in the program receives up to € 22,000 funding as well as office space in Düsseldorf, Berlin, or Essen. That’s in addition to the training and mentoring sessions! We’ll also help you find investors for the next stage of your development.

Fun factor

You probably started working on your idea because it was exciting and interesting. You felt passionate. We want to feed that passion and provide an environment where your ideas can thrive. :agile is about more than funding, training, and developing your idea. It’s a place we’re happy to show up at every day. And you will, too.

What we want in our startups

  • Early-stage startups with energy-related projects
  • 100% commitment
  • Teams of 2 or more
  • Willingness to participate in trainings and progress calls with your buddy
  • Based in Europe or planning to tackle the European market

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