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  • Michael Jüdiges

  • Katarina Querchfeld

  • Markus Denhoff

  • Sascha Weiß

Cantiero will improve the efficiency and the innovative capacity of craftsmen's small businesses optimizing their day-to-day workflows with a unique and holistic processing engine. The craftsmanship in general is an important industrial sector with a big economical potential. The extensive renovation backlog and the energy transition emphasizes the great importance of this sector. But there is a big problem. The craftsmanship is characterized through their very small and decentralized business structures. In average, usual craftsmen company has only 5 to 10 employees. As a result of the increased effort for administrative requirements, many additional legal terms and the extremely fast proceeded technical evolution, the craftsmen businesses lose their efficiency in the core day-to-day activities as well as their innovative capacity. Without a smart and intelligent solution, the craftsmen businesses could become to the losers of the digitalization.

cantiero is the one disrupting platform, the sole processing engine, the solution for the craftmenship which integrates all necessary administrative tasks, technology driven solutions based on artificial intelligence and all needed support for the craftsmen. The only one intuitive and simple solution with a very attractive price and an extremely high user experience.

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