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  • Marcus Walena

  • Mathias Behrens

  • Stephan Heinrich

  • Ann-Sophie Reincke

  • Dr. Niklas Klein

  • Christopher Rath

  • Stefan Reiser

  • Thies Gömpel

The world is now to embark on the next step with the digitalization and the internet. The web and the physical world connect with the internet of things. It is DIGIMONDOs core belief that this will be for the common good. As a subsidiary of E.ON SE and contributing member of the LoRa Alliance™, DIGIMONDO builds a cloud for Germanys digital future. A cloud for every information, everyTHING that will become digital. This belief is the bracing elixir for everything they do. DIGIMONDOs package consists of: the first nationwide German low power wide area LoRaWAN™ IoT network, their in-house developed best in class cloud platform firefly and customer tailored mobile and web applications. This compelling combination represents a convenient toolbox for demanding customers to connect their physical world to the world-wide web.

As of the end of 2016 DIGIMONDO covers more than 16 million people with its public LoRaWAN IoT network. To provide sufficient coverage for smart city IoT use cases, DIGIMONDO is just about to finish deployments with very high network density in Germanys biggest metropolis such as Hamburg, Berlin and Essen. In addition to numerous deployments of private LoRaWAN international IoT networks.