DINOPROFIT is an innovative worldwide lead generation platform based on personal reference.

Do you want to gain new customers? DINOPROFIT represents a new sales channel for varied companies. All delivered leads are pre-discussed with potential customers in advance. By using of personal recommendations it’s pretty easy and efficient for your company to transform contacts into contracts. Let’s grow your sales!

DINOPROFIT partners up with companies that look for new customers and are willing to pay commission for qualified leads that will bring them new customers. It doesn’t matter if your company operates in B2C or B2B market, you can gain new customers easy by way of using the DINOPROFIT’s network of referees. Your company can set its own proposition (what product or service do you want to sell, and to whom) and commission fee (how much costs do you want to pay for each new customer). A commission is payable after your company will sign a contract with a customer.

DINOPROFIT is connecting companies looking for new customers with people who can recommend their products, or services to people they know in person.

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