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  • Hennig Wilms

  • Deniz Saner

  • Clemens Hensen

  • Julius Scheuber

ENLYZE focuses on OEE optimization for manufacturing companies with a special emphasis on performance and quality. To achieve this, ENLYZE offers a full-stack solution, starting with proprietary sensors and data loggers for OPC-UA servers as well as the most frequently used machine controls. ENLYZE further enriches these data sets using high frequency current signals of individual appliances. These current signals provide a direct feedback to the state of the monitored machinery.

ENLYZE uses this data to predict production quality for the upcoming minutes and flags anomalies within production parameters that could become relevant to the produced product quality or process performance. The company seeks to evaluate possibilities of bundling their solutions with energy contracts of SMEs to mutually benefit from sales efforts and customer retention.

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