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  • Behzad Zargar

  • Ricardo Hernandez Montoya

  • Nicole Gerlach

  • Subhodeep Chakraborty

GRIDHOUND develops the next evolution step of power grid operation called “Active Distribution-Management-Software” (ADMS), a SaaS solution for monitoring, analysis, control, automation and planning of distribution grids. It enables affordable real-time grid awareness as well as safe and efficient operation to Distribution System Operators (DSOs), currently supported and tested within the corresponding EU-project. GRIDHOUND´s portfolio includes customization, consulting, training, optimization, IT-hardware and further services for an up-to-date operation of the smart grid.

This highly-specialized product is crucial for all Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) worldwide and any other company licensed to distribute electricity over distribution level power grids. It is especially valuable where grid operation is challenged by high volatility, unbalance of load and generation or ”pollution”, in terms of destabilizing high frequencies, from electronic devices.

GRIDHOUND´s innovative solution works on a self-developed and patent pending machine learning technique based on artificial neural networks. With only a few sources of measurement the software estimates precisely the state of the grid (Power/Voltage/Current) using only 10% of processing power compared to a traditional state estimation. The combination for number of measurements needed, estimation precision and computation power is by far unmatched.

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