Novo’s vision is to transform the way we interact with our buildings for the better. Novo combines hardware, the cloud and data analytics to optimise the spaces we live and work in by making them more comfortable, healthier and energy efficient.

Climair, Novo’s first product, was born out of witnessing the inefficient use of air conditioning systems and the discomfort of hot weather around the world. Novo created Climair to solve every day problems and improve the way we efficiently cool and heat our homes and place of work using air conditioners.

With Climair customers can now control their air conditioners from anywhere in the world without any constraints. Cooling has long been under-represented in energy demand awareness, compared to heat, power and transport. Demand is rising steeply in the EU, and the European Commission expects building cooling demand to rise 70% by 2030. Worldwide energy demand for space cooling will overtake space heating by 2060, and outstrip it by 60% at the end of the century. Climair has been designed to minimize the impact of air conditioners on our environment.

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