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  • Frank Krischok

  • Dr. Sebastian Schröer

  • Dev Mishra

  • Sabina Gómez

  • Nihan Yelkenci

  • Nike Hornbostel

  • Raheel Alavi

perto helps people to save energy and money by replacing inefficient electrical equipment. Their first product is a heating and circulation pump, which is subsidized by the state and can save up to 90 % of energy.

perto makes the pump replacement as easily as possible – all the customers have to do is to take a picture of their current pump. After that, all the work lies in perto’s hands. It provides a full service: from calculations of potential savings to installation itself. Company´s vision, however, does not end with pumps. In a long-term, it seeks to replace all electrical equipment by simply taking a picture of every device in a household.

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