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  • Dr.-Ing. Mark Asbach

  • Dr. Stefan Krausz

  • Dr. Barbara Krausz

  • Dr.-Ing. Markus Beermann

  • Dipl.-Ing. Marco Lierfeld

  • Dr.-Ing. Steffen Kamp

The founding team behind pixolus is a bunch of enthusiastic developers with a profound expertise in image processing and machine learning. Putting their knowledge together, they have developed pixometer – a unique image recognition app that provides digital solutions for energy and real estate industries.

Smartphone metering with pixometer is a smart way of collecting and handling consumption data for tasks like billing or energy management. The app uses a mobile phone’s camera to scan and digitize values of power, gas, water and heat meters, both mechanical and digital.

Once pointed at the meter, it automatically recognizes and captures its current value and takes a sharp photo for later reference. (Pixometer quickly transforms the captured information into digital data and works on any conventional meter.) By optimizing error-prone process of data collection, pixometer helps to reduce the costs that are linked to conventional methods of data collection.

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