Using AI to manage and optimize the energy needs of SMEs

Patrick Nanninga

Revoltt makes it easy to manage and optimize the energy needs of Small and Medium size enterprises. We do this with the power of artificial Intelligence. Revoltt helps finding the right price, reseller or technology, based on the specific needs of your business. We will find the right energy for every company. Always.

The energy world is one of low involvement and increasing complexity. Especially for businesses who have other things to take care of. But the energy transition is unavoidable and will have an increased impact on rules and regulation as set forth. As a result of advancements in technology our energy world and the management and optimization of energy needs are becoming more complex. This requires a guide. An independent one with knowledge about the industry that can adapt to individual needs and one that can benchmark. Impossible? Not for Ross Revoltt.

Ross is the Artificial Intelligence-assistant by Revoltt. With this the power of Artificial Intelligence is made available to every business. Ross loves big data and micro management. This sounds complex but this is the reasons for enterprises to put Ross to use. Based on machine learning al scenario’s and options are being evaluated and put to you in an easy and understandable way. In this way you are always making the best decision.

Putting a decision to Artificial intelligence sounds science fiction like and risky but it’s already around us. Think about online shopping at Amazon or being advised on music by Spotify of Blendle the news article app. Next to that platform like Google and Facebook are thriving through algorithms. In short the future is already here and with Revoltt it now also becomes available for businesses helping you with your energy needs.

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Project CEO:

Patrick Nanninga


2015 Radbonus

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