White Grid

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  • Alexander Gebauer

  • Stefan Malcherek

  • Tormod Hirt

  • Frederik Nieß

  • Oliver Liermann

  • Christian Hollstein

  • Carsten Cumbrowski

  • Eike Päßler

  • Sonja Kaufmann

WHITE GRID is an independent trading platform for energy related services and products for private household customers with the aim to reduce complexity and make life more convenient. This reflects the change of the current utility companies from an energy producer and commodity trader to an open and integrated service company.

With the first product "automatic switching service" customers can benefit from significant lower costs for electricity and gas supply as the change to a new supplier will be organized on a regular basis always guaranteeing the best price and a secure transaction

The platform is flexible and will be supplemented by smart meter roll-outs and services in 2017 enabling customers to gain transparency on their energy consumption, recognize power-guzzlers and receive individual proposals for energy savings and cost efficient replacements. In this way energy consumption will lead to environmental awareness and cost savings.

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