Inga Land





Coffees pro Day

What do you like?

  • Rammstein: "They embody German history in their music and way of living and thinking."
  • António Guterres: "...for very intellectual political and social discussions."
  • Jared Leto: "I like his music and films...and love his blue eyes."
  • Katharine Graham: "I was impressed by her bio. She's one of my favorite female role models."
  • Heinrich Steinfest: "I love his thrillers and cranky, mad characters."
  • Vivaldi: "I love his flute concerts and definition of 'solo-concert.'"

She's our "people person."

With a background in international economic studies and a wealth of marketing and sales experience from E.ON France and E WIE EINFACH GmbH, she brings a versatile approach to :agile.

Not only does she coach our startups with a marketing/sales focus, but oversees all external marketing efforts as well as internal program management. Inga's the community liaison (AKA the glue!) between our :agile family, E.ON and all our collaborators and customers.

Always happy, smiley and motivating (but never afraid to get real), Inga revels in the trust and freedom of the :agile core team. She thrives off juggling various topics and trying and learning new things.

When she's not working hard, she's playing the ocean. This avid traveler has an affinity for sunshine, scuba, socializing (of course!), and even knows how to play the sax.