Peter Hornik

Driven on a daily basis by the intelligent, motivated brains that surround him at :agile, Peter brings his knack for numbers to the table. He manages deal flow and mentors our startups on financial analysis and KPIs.

When he's not moving and shaking Unterbilk, he's cycling, running, snowboarding or...making babies cry. It seems nearly impossible that an approachable, happy guy like Peter could do this. But according to him, it happens at first glance.

His dream startup? An implemented brain SSD that stores and recovers literally anything (thoughts, conversations, you name it).

His dream dinner party?

"Franziska, Emanuel, Julian-André and my dear friend Peter. Within an hour we would invent and create the most awesome product in the world. And Marc Andreessen should attend, too. Somebody must pay for the party..."